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to feed my budding obsession with infographics and share them with fellow enthusiasts.

infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. these graphics are used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly.


the cleantech economy

disappointing that while the US economy grew 4.2% from 2003 to 2010, the cleantech economy only grew 3.4%

let’s get the ball rolling, mates!


programming languages face off!

interesting look at programming languages. a little geeky, but fun. brought to you by udemy. i’ve been messing around on ruby for the past few months, mainly because it seemed the easiest to pick up. interestingly,  it has the most lines of code… kind of like how i build models - more lines mean more breakout of concept.

what’s your favorite?


The Experiential Economy

truth’s out: rich people are not only cooler, prettier, skinnier, and funnier, but they’re also HAPPIER than us too!!


World Map of Useless Stereotypes

this has been catching a lot of attention via twitter, so thought i’d share in case any of info geeks hadnt seen it yet. not really my favorite for content or design, but I guess stereotypes resonate with people - everyone identifies with one, everyone has been offended by one, and as a yuppie who doesn’t call home and blogs nerdy things… sometimes there’s a little truth in it, right?

Permalink Neat look at how women are taking over in nearly every professional setting… except tech. Frankly, I think the same can be applied to finance, engineering, etc.

Also includes a nice shout out to some of my role models at the bottom. Saw Caterina Fake at a Girls in Tech Dinner this past summer. She’s amazing and Hunch rocks!

If you have a daughter or plan to have children, please support your girls in their pursuit of math and science. Young girls need to know people are rooting for them.
Permalink greenberg research and investopedia present us with a quick look at how young people manage their money.  biggest takeaway? money is the biggest concern for young people!  the infographic also offers a few tips on what people should focus on when trying to take hold of their financial future.
also, 75% of unmarried women say that they consider their finances to be in fair/poor shape.  what’s it going to take to get people savvy about personal finance?
Permalink a tricky decision tree created to help would-be entrepreneurs navigate the startup life.  may look a little complicated, but if you’re seriously considering starting your own thing, getting used to making decisions while looking at a hairy mess is a good skill to get used to.
Permalink interesting look at female leadership across the world. with the few female leaders that there are, most govern small countries.  of the 10 female leaders, only 4 of them govern countries bigger than the city of new york.
Permalink earth2tech is one of the best cleantech blogs out there. earth2tech provides us an unique look at google’s growing interest in the energy and cleantech markets. 

the head of google’s green business, rick needham, told nytimes last month that google was interested in the space because of its growing opportunity to provide ample returns. while this is a clear directive from the google venture arm, one cant help but wonder if it’s a little too basic for the company that perfected the search algorithm. 

with their latest $38.8 million dollar investment in a wind farm, perhaps there are more dubious interests at work here… (like the ability to measure renewable energy output information?)
Permalink regardless of your political or religious affiliation, there are some interesting numbers to pull out of the graph.  the political factor is rather insignificant… states that are primarily red tend to have less abortions.
however, as a new girl in nyc, it’s amazing to me that for every 1000 live births there are 500 abortions!  meaning in the state of NY 1 in 3 pregnancies are terminated. 
i find this to be an incredibly high statistic considering all the options that men and women have to protect themselves from these circumstances.
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